"The start of a new year brings around the time for resolutions, and for some reason, the collective cultural resolution seems to be weight loss – for women.

Every ad for Atkins or the latest diet fad that promises women to help them shed pounds at an unhealthy rate reminds women and girls that our job is to be skinny so that we’re more attractive. According to the magazines and companies that tell us skinny and attractive are practically synonyms, weight loss should regularly be women’s number one goal.

One of the major problems with weight loss ads around the beginning of each year — and throughout the rest of it — is that the weight loss they promote is rarely healthy. Atkins, for example, has an ad that offers up to 15 pounds of weight loss in just two weeks. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. Losing that much weight in such a brief period is beyond unhealthy”

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