Oct 01

Liz Dickinson: Last Week, I Lost My Sister. Today, I'm fighting for the KS House for her memory. -

"I will never forget how terrible I felt when I found out she was sick. She was always in and out of the ER. When I get ready to leave the hospital I find out that the lab tests didn’t confirm what they had thought. She had all the symptoms of Wegener’s/ ANCA vasculitis, but the labs didn’t make any sense.

Sarah got a lot of flak from people for not having “something definitively wrong”. Doctors would dismiss her as a hypochondriac. She was sometimes told it was psychosomatic. This is a common occurrence for those with autoimmune diseases. The average person with an autoimmune disease visits 6 different doctors and spends 5 years seeking the right medical care before they get a diagnosis. Autoimmune diseases, combined, kill more women each year than breast cancer. Without health insurance, Sarah didn’t stand a chance.”

Sep 30

The Oklahoma legislative Christofascist Kooks caucus has weighed in on the Vaughan Foods tragedy -


The eight signatories of the statement are John Bennett (Sallisaw), Mike Christian (OKC), Dan Fisher (El Reno), Sally Kern (OKC), Lewis Moore (Arcadia), Mike Reynolds (OKC), Mike Ritze (Broken Arrow), and Sean Roberts (Hominy).

Google ‘em if you don’t know ‘em. Sally Kern we all know, and Bennett’s been in the news with his blather that I’ve posted about frequently in recent weeks.

Dan Fisher is an activist right-wing pastor who has something to do with this (in which he dons a Revolutionary War-era preacher outfit and spouts a bunch of David Barton-esque nonsense about how the Founders didn’t really mean all that Establishment Clause stuff or whatever) and this too (content advisories on links).

Mike Reynolds is the one who tried to reinstate the abolished DADT policy for the Oklahoma National Guard in 2012. The bill was derailed by then-House Speaker Kris Steele and never made it out of the committee to which he reassigned it, out of concern for future funding of the Oklahoma National Guard.

Mike Christian’s most newsy-noteyness this year was that he was the one who called for the impeachment of the State Supreme Court justices who granted a delay of execution to Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner. Lockett’s botched execution, in April this year, made national headlines.

And finally, Mike Ritze is the one who financed the Ten Commandments monument on the state capitol grounds.

In short, leave it to these people to turn a tragic, horrific occurrence into a shiteshow that embarrasses Oklahoma on the national stage, yet again. The accused murderer, Alton Nolen, already had a criminal record and now state legislators are calling for a reexamination of the early-release programme in which Nolen was placed. It doesn’t matter what religion Nolen adhered to. What he is, is an individual who went rageaholic after being fired from his job and then committed a horrific crime at his former place of employment.

Alton Nolen is not representative of all Muslims; nor are the extremist, radicalised Christians who signed today’s statement representative of Christianity. Please, let this horrific crime not become an excuse for marginalising, abusing, or committing crimes against Muslim Oklahomans.

Massive Protests Over Censorship Of AP History Curriculum Escalate

Conservatives in Colorado want High School AP US History (APUSH) classes to study more about cherry trees and kites and less about Civil Rights and Colonialism. The argument is that History should bestir patriotism and teaching about slavery and internment camps makes America look bad and prevents kids from embracing conservatism.

If you don’t know, an AP class is meant to be an upper-level course of study and passing the AP test is worth college credit.

So APUSH kids are walking out of school in protest, demanding that they be allowed to learn the bad parts of US History as well as the white-washed crap bestirring patriotism. And good for them! Most of these kids will be voting in 2016 and…

oh wait…


Sep 24


Instead of insane, say unreal.

Instead of crazy, say unbelievable.

Instead of calling someone a psycho, call them an asshole.

Instead of stupid, say awful.

Instead of dumb, say bad.

Taking ableist language out of your vocabulary is simple and will help widen your vocabulary.

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Violent Philly Gay Basher Turns Herself In, Is The Daughter Of Police Chief -


Three violent gay bashers from the group of eight who assaulted and subsequently hospitalized a gay couple in an unprovoked attack in Center City on September 11 haveturned themselves in to police this morning.

We reported yesterday that charges of aggravated assault, simple assault,…

Assailants aged 24, 24 and 26 but they’re characterized as “kids.”


Sep 23


Recently, my husband and I burned through S1 of Orphan Black, which, as promised by virtually the entire internet, was awesome. But in all the praise I’d seen for it, a line from one review in particular stuck in my mind. The reviewer noted that, although the protagonist, Sarah, is an unlikeable character, her grifter skills make her perfectly suited to unravelling the mystery in which she finds herself. And as this was a positive review, I kept that quote in mind when we started watching, sort of by way of prewarning myself: you maybe won’t like Sarah, but that’s OK.

But here’s the thing: I fucking loved Sarah. I mean, I get what the reviewer was trying to say, in that she’s not always a sympathetic character, but that’s not the same as her actually being unlikeable. And the more I watched, the more I found myself thinking: why is this quality, the idea of likeability, considered so important for women, but so optional for men – not just in real life, but in narrative? Because when it comes to guys, we have whole fandoms bending over backwards to write soulful meta humanising male characters whose actions, regardless of their motives, are far less complex than monstrous. We take male villains and redeem them a hundred, a thousand times over – men who are murderers, stalkers, abusers, kinslayers, traitors, attempted or successful rapists; men with personal histories so bloody and tortured, it’s like looking at a battlefield. In doing this, we exhibit enormous compassion for and understanding of the nuances of human behaviour – sympathy for circumstance, for context, for motive and character and passion and rage, the heartache and, to steal a phrase, the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to; and as such, regardless of how I might feel about the practice as applied in specific instances, in general, it’s a praiseworthy endeavour. It helps us to see human beings, not as wholly black and white, but as flawed and complicated creatures, and we need to do that, because it’s what we are.

But when it comes to women, a single selfish or not-nice act – a stolen kiss, a lie, a brushoff – is somehow enough to see them condemned as whores and bitches forever. We readily excuse our favourite male characters of murder, but if a woman politely turns down a date with someone she has no interest in, she’s a timewasting user bimbo and god, what does he even see in her? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some great online meta about, for instance, the soulfulness and moral ambiguity of Black Widow, but I’ve also seen a metric fucktonne more about what that particular jaw-spasm means in that one GIF of Cumberbatch/Ackles/Hiddleston/Smith alone, and that’s before you get into the pages-long pieces about why Rumplestiltskin or Hook or Spike or Bucky Barnes or whoever is really just a tortured woobie who needs a hug. Hell, I’m guilty of writing some of that stuff myself, because see above: plus, it’s meaty and fun and exactly the kind of analysis I like to write.

And yet, we tend overwhelmingly not to write it about ladies. It’s not just our cultural obsession with pushing increasingly specific variants of the Madonna/Whore complex onto women, such that audiences are disinclined to extend to female characters the same moral/emotional licenses they extend to men; it’s also a failure to create narratives where the women aren’t just flawed, but where the audience is still encouraged to like them when they are.

Returning to Orphan Black, for instance, if Sarah were male, he’d be unequivocally viewed as either a complex, sympathetic antihero or a loving battler with a heart of gold. I mean, the ex-con trying to go straight and get his daughter back while still battling the illegalities of his old life and punching bad guys? Let me introduce you to Swordfish, Death Race, and about a millionty other stories where a father’s separation from a beloved child, whether as a consequence of his actual criminal actions, shiftless neglect, sheer bad luck or a combination of all three, is never couched as a reason why he might not be a fit parent. We tend to accept, both culturally and narratively, that men who abandon their children aren’t automatically bad dads; they just have other, important things to be doing first, like coming to terms with parenthood, saving the world, escaping from prison or otherwise getting their shit together. But Sarah, who left her child in the care of someone she trusted absolutely, has to jump through hoops to prove her maternal readiness on returning; has to answer for her absence over and over again. And on one level, that’s fine; that’s as it should be, because Sarah’s life is dangerous. And yet, her situation stands in glaring contrast to every returning father who’s never been asked to do half so much, because women aren’t meant to struggle with motherhood, to have to try to succeed: we’re either maternal angels or selfish absentees, and the idea that we might sometimes be both or neither isn’t one you often see depicted with such nuance.

” —

Gender, Orphan Black & The Meta Of Meta

read this, read it right now it’s absolutely genius.

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I think this is best piece on Orphan Black and Sarah that I have ever read. Seriously. I see them fandom going “Yeah, Sarah is cool, but that one time she lied/ran away/tricked people/shot someone” and I am like “shit are you even paying attention to this wonderful complex deep character?” And this just explained why that bothered me so much

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4chan to Emma Watson: You speak out on gender equality, we release nude photos -


And assholes still think women aren’t punished for speaking out…


Schrödinger’s stoplight. No liking if you don’t get this.
Source: That’s Messed Up -

Schrödinger’s? So, you don’t know if the light is red or green until you cross the street to see whether you get hit by another car? Now that’s an experiment!
Fortunately, you DID learn in Driver’s Ed that a broken stop light should be treated as a 4-way stop sign.
Pro-tip: The stoplight may not look broken to cross traffic. Watch out for the other guy.


Schrödinger’s stoplight. No liking if you don’t get this.

Source: That’s Messed Up -

Schrödinger’s? So, you don’t know if the light is red or green until you cross the street to see whether you get hit by another car? Now that’s an experiment!

Fortunately, you DID learn in Driver’s Ed that a broken stop light should be treated as a 4-way stop sign.

Pro-tip: The stoplight may not look broken to cross traffic. Watch out for the other guy.